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Transform Your Life Struggles Into Success Stories: Three Secrets of Inner Science



We often grapple with questions about self-management, emotions, communication, behaviours, and actions in our quest for personal development. The journey to overcoming life’s struggles seems daunting when answers elude us. This article unveils three profound secrets from inner science, promising to transform your struggles into tales of triumph.

Understanding the Energy Within and Around Us

The interplay of energies, categorized into matter and non-matter (Meta), is at the core of our existence. Recognizing and harnessing these energies is pivotal in our path to success.

  • Matter: Divided into gross and subtle forms, matter comprises:
    • Gross Matter: Includes solid, liquid, gas, radiation, and ether.
    • Subtle Matter: Encompasses mind, intelligence, and ego.
  • Meta (Non-Matter): Represents the real self and the absolute.

Acknowledging the duality of material energies and their influence on our lives sets the foundation for personal growth and success.

Three Secrets of Inner Science

  1. First Secret: Cause and Effect
    • Every action triggers a reaction and response. Understanding cause and effect dynamics empowers us to shape our future through mindful present actions.
    • The challenge of an uncontrolled mind, driven by limited intelligence and impulsive reactions, can lead to struggles. Conversely, a controlled mind, guided by limitless intelligence and rationality, promotes growth, resilience, and wise decision-making.
  1. Second Secret: Energy Flow Barriers
    • Inner barriers like self-doubt, fear of failure, and perfectionism create energy blockages. Identifying and overcoming these barriers is crucial for personal and professional growth.
    • Energy leakages, fueled by procrastination, doubt, and negativity, hinder our progress. Addressing these leakages is essential for maximizing our path to success.
  1. Third Secret: The Right Blueprint
    • Success necessitates the right tools and actions, including influential blueprints and plans and aligning actions with inner success principles.
    • The significance of timing in achieving success cannot be overstated. Harmonizing actions with cosmic rhythms and mastering time management are essential.
    • Embracing personal responsibility and integrity in decisions and actions is fundamental in the journey to success.

Practical Application: Detach and Attach

  • Detach from unresourceful states and embrace resourceful ones.
  • Eliminate negative data inputs across all senses—visual, auditory, taste, smell, and touch.
  • Replace negative words with positive affirmations to foster a conducive environment for success.


The transformation from struggle to success is not a distant dream but a tangible reality accessible through the secrets of inner science. By understanding and applying these principles, we unlock the potential to write our success stories marked by personal growth, resilience, and fulfilment.